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9th Sep 2018

Event Description

Venue is the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes Bradwell Road Loughton Milton Keynes MK89LA
Your USRSA tester will be David Hall who can be contacted on
The Master Racket Technician award is the highest level of stringing competence and much sought after. The Certified Stringer level does not require the full Theory pass. You will need to have been stringing for some years so as to be experienced across all racket types. Candidates will need to join the US Racquet Stringers Association and receive a Study Pack in advance of the test. Its not an easy test!! There is a high failure rate, mostly on the Theory side, so plenty of pre-test study is a MUST.
The UKRSA Professional Stringer course lays down the foundations for the test, so thats a good starting point for any experienced stringer.
The test will be taking place at the same time as the general Tennis/Badminton stringing workshop.
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