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9th Sep 2018

Event Description

Following on from the Racket Customising day and the evening BADMINTON stringing workshop, we then move onto the tennis and squash stringing. There is just too much to mention here, but we will be looking at all aspect of stringing, from patterns including RTW types, tension selection, most often seen stringing problems, string constructions, machine types, promoting your stringing business and so on.
Squash - Nick Down, stringer to the worlds top squash stars will be running a special Squash/Racketball morning workshop, so if you have any questions re those two sports, then do not miss out! There MUST be something he does not know!!
We will have a Q&A board for you to get make sure your own questions are covered, plus we hope to be able to give you some free string samples to take home. Cost of £85 includes buffet lunch and refreshments.
Please note - this is aimed at those who can already string, its not intended to replace a training course for beginners.
In the past we found that having open forums on the day worked very well, a great chance to ask all kinds of questions. 
USRSA Certified Stringer and Master Racket Technician certification testing - David Hall will be your tester this time round. If you are interested in taking the test please contact David on asap.
If you wish to bring along your own machine, thats fine though you need to arrive 30 mins early to set it up. We will have a few Prince 7000 machines, Prince 6000 and other manual machines. 
Sign in time and coffee is 9.30am and we will be finished at 4.30pm. If you can only attend for some of the day then let me know in advance.
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