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8th Sep 2018

Event Description

This will be a special one-day of racket customising to explain how all types of rackets can have their specifications altered to suit specific playing or comfort needs. Customising for Tennis Elbow and Racket Matching are two important features of the days activities. You may bring along your own rackets to work on if you wish.We will explain how to measure the overall weight, balance and swingweight or dynamic weight.
9.30am to 4.30pm.
You will get "hands-on" practice in taking racket frames apart, applying lead tape, adjusting handle sizing, fitting replacement grips and overgrips, grommet repairs and lots more.
For any stringer who is also asked to customise the rackets for customers this is a MUST course to attend. Numbers will be limited, so first come first served.

The £85 course fee includes free refreshments and a buffet lunch, free UKRSA membership, plus free samples to take away. For those who achieve the required standards of competence, they will receive the certificate of "UKRSA Racket Customiser"

Alternatively you may attend the Racket Customising, plus the evening Squash Stringing and the next full day of Tennis and Badminton Stringing Workshops for just £150.

Venue is the National Badminton Centre in Milton Keynes - www.nbc.uk.com Bradwell Road, Loughton. Milton Keynes. MK89LA
Course tutors will be Liam Nolan and David Hall.
To apply for your place please email liam@ukrsa.com.

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