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13th May 2018 - 14th May 2018

Event Description

Nick Down is widely regarded as the world leader in squash stringing and he will be in attendance once again at the 2018 British Open Squash Championships. Nick will also be available on Sunday 13th and Monday 14th May at the Hull University venue to conduct some Squash Stringing workshops. The target group are those who are already stringing but who wish to gain specific skills and knowledge relating to all squash and racketball rackets.
This is a rare chance to spend time with someone who knows all the problems .... (and solutions!) to every conceiveable stringing situation. Racketball - those who string these rackets will already know that the patterns can be very challenging!
Those interested please contact Nick direct on - Cost will be £150 for each day and you can chat with Nick re exactly what amount of training you need.
Nick will bring along a very wide range of rackets for you to check out and you may bring along your own rackets to work on if you wish. Liam Nolan UKRSA Technical Director

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