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13th Jan 2018

Event Description

Sat 13th Jan @ Bective Tennis Club - .Main Street Donnybrook Dublin 4
We plan to run a special one-day course at the Bective . Time will be 9.30am through to 4.30pm. All of the basics of racket servicing will be covered, across all racket sports. Course members can bring along their own machines if they are already stringing, but the course is for both beginners and seasoned stringers who may wish to extend their skills and knowledge.
We will provide the machines and the materials, plus you can bring along your own rackets to work on if you wish. Cost is €200 and includes some free strings and UKRSA membership for the year so that you can accesss the UKRSA members forum and keep up to date on whats happening, best deals on strings, tools, machines and other materials.
Liam Nolan, UKRSA Technical Director, will be your tutor for this busy but enjoyable course. If you are interested then please email for more information. 

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