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18th Dec 2017

Event Description

 We return to Epping LTC for another very enjoyable day of racket servicing. David Watson is the head coach and he will be our host. This venue has proved to be one of the most enjoyable over the years we have been going there. Cost is £249 and attracts 12 LTA coaching credits, all racket sports covered, suitable for either newcomers entering into the world of racket servicing or seasoned stringers who wish to gain the certification, the 12 points and to update their skills and knowledge. Its a long day, from 9am to 9pm, bring along your own sandwiches etc, I will provide the teas and coffees, bring your own machine if you wish if that suits you. I will have electronic and manual machines, plus a selection of rackets to work on, though you can bring your own if you wish. This course lays down the foundations for the much coveted USRSA Master Racket Technician award.
Email to book your place and to receive the UKRSA bank account details to make payment, or to ask any questions that are not covered here.
I will be your tutor for this course - Liam Nolan UKRSA Technical Director

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