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9th Dec 2017 - 12th Dec 2017

Event Description

Once again we will be running courses throughout this prestigious squash event in Manchester. Come and watch superb squash whilst enjoying two days of tuition. We will run courses on Sat 9th through to Tues 12th inclusive. 9.30am to 5pm each day.
We will have spaces for two course members each day. Probably best suited to either tennis or squash players/coaches, though we will cover all racket sports.

The first course will be on Sat & Sun. 
1 - One place now taken.
2 - space reserved

Second course on Mon & Tues.
1 - space available
2 - Space available

Venue will be the National Squash Centre, next door to the Manchester City stadium - M113FF. Plenty of car parking, excellent facilities all round.  

Ideal for all levels, from beginners through to experienced stringers wishing to upgrade their skills and knowledge.
Your tutors will be Liam Nolan and Nick Down. The course fee is £249 and payment details will be sent on course application to
Course members can work on their own rackets if that suits, all materials provided.
All you may need is pen and paper to make some notes.
Tennis coaches - this course attracts 12 CPD points.
You can struggle on for years and make many expensive errors when stringing rackets, so this is an excellent opportunity to learn how to do things to a high standard and never look back. For those wishing to start up their own stringing business, this is the best possible start. For squash enthusiasts this is an excellent opportunity to meet up with Nick Down who is the worlds foremost squash stringing "guru"
The four days can be flexibly arranged to suit the timetables of course members, we just need to know what best suits you, Liam

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